2019 Dr. R.W. Jones Freedom Fund Banquet


Amarillo Branch NAACP presents the 2019 Dr. R.W. Jones Freedom Fund Banquet:
A Community in Unity

Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM

Amarillo Civic Center Complex
401 S Buchanan, Amarillo, Texas 79101

Please join us and our keynote speaker, Thomas D. Sands, Pastor of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in supporting Freedom and recognizing those who have made a notable contribution to our cause in 2019 .

Our musical entertainment will be provided by the talented Ruth Ellen Lynch.

This the only fundraiser for the Amarillo Branch NAACP.

All NAACP Branches have been designated as 501 (c) (4) organizations. Contributions or gifts to this Branch are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Branch President, Floyd Anthony at 806.290.8705.

Support the Census

At our general meeting this afternoon, Ms. Shadrona Carter of the United States Census Bureau shared information about what could be the most important census of our lifetimes.

Our country holds a census every 10 years to count the population. This count decides everything from federal funding to the number of seats a state will have in the House of Representatives. Accurate census information has been and will continue to be an important part of defending our voice in government and protecting our rights.

You can learn more about the census and what you can do to help protect the accuracy of this key part of our democracy by visiting 2020census.gov. Do your part to get the word out that EVERYONE needs to respond to the census next year.

Also be aware that scammers may try to claim to be part of the census. Make sure everyone you know is aware that census takers will NEVER ask for Social Security information, bank information, donations of any kind or ask you to join a political party.


The US Census Bureau is looking for applications to serve as census takers. Flexible hours and competitive compensation. Visit: 2020Census.gov/jobs for more information.

Buy Space Now in the Freedom Fund Banquet Souvenir Booklet

The Yearly Freedom Fund Banquet is coming-up fast. Now is your chance to buy space in the beautiful souvenir booklet for 2019. Show your support with advertisements, remembrances and messages.

  • FULL PAGE $125 (8 1/2 X 11)
  • HALF PAGE $75 (8 1/2 X 5 1/2)
  • QUARTER PAGE $50 (4 1/4 X 5 1/2)

Please fill-out the attached form and mail it with your payment to:

Amarillo Branch NAACP
P.O. Box 2433
Amarillo, Texas 79105-2433

Email your ad in .jpg / .png / .svg to Jerri@JerriGlover.com

Be sure jpg or png images are high resolution (at least 600 dpi) and are the right size so they look their best when published.

The Freedom Fund Banquet will be November 2nd.

Please have your submission in by October 20th or it will not make it in time for printing.

North Heights Meeting Thursday

Just a reminder that there will be a North Heights Meeting tomorrow (Thursday, August 22) at the Black Cultural Center, 901 N. Hayden from 6:00PM to 7:30PM

From the flyer:
“Zoe Middleton will discuss community outreach for upcoming rezoning, and the outcome of speaking with Banks for home ownership.”

“We are working together to change the zoning for the benefit of the North Heights Neghborhood!”

For more information please call: (806) 670-2289

This is not an NAACP event, but it’s an important event for anyone with an interest in Amarillo’s future to attend.

Leola Cantly Memorial

Leola‎ Gilliam‎ Cantly,‎ born‎ January‎ 2nd,‎ 1930‎ in‎ Mt.‎ Pleasant,‎ Texas,‎ was‎ a‎ loving‎ and‎ faithful‎ preacher’s‎ wife,‎ mother‎ of‎ seven‎ children,‎ 23‎ grandchildren,‎ 37‎ great‎ grandchildren. She was a‎ ravenous‎ reader‎ of‎ romance‎ novels‎ and‎ had a‎ love‎ for‎ road‎ trips‎ across‎ the‎ USA.‎ ‎ Leola‎ and‎ her‎ husband‎ Nathaniel‎ grew‎ up,‎ graduated‎ from‎ high‎ school‎ and‎ married‎ in‎ Kilgore,‎ Texas‎ and‎ have‎ been‎ married‎ 65‎ years‎ this‎ past‎ May.‎ 
Leola‎ attended‎ Prarie‎ View‎ University‎ majoring‎ in‎ library‎ sciences.‎ After‎ moving‎ to‎ Amarillo‎ Leola‎ was‎ one‎ of‎ the‎ first‎ black‎ nursing‎ students‎ to‎ attend‎ St.‎ Anthony’s‎ Hospital’s‎ LVN‎ nursing‎ program.‎ Leola‎ went‎ on‎ to‎ work‎ for‎ the‎ newly‎ opened‎ High‎ Plains‎ Baptist‎ Hospital,‎ now‎ BSA,‎ and‎ retired‎ after‎ 28‎ years‎ at‎ Shepherd’s‎ Crook‎ Home‎ Health.‎ 
Leola‎ spent‎ tireless‎ hours‎ serving‎ our‎ community‎ providing‎ blood‎ pressure‎ and‎ other‎ health‎ screenings.‎ ‎ 
Leola‎ was‎ a‎ member‎ of‎ North‎ Heights‎ Church‎ of‎ Christ‎ along‎ side‎ her‎ husband‎ for‎ over‎ 50‎ years‎ and‎ a‎ lifetime‎ member‎ of‎ Amarillo‎ Branch‎ of‎ NAACP‎ where‎ she‎ recieved the Branch Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Upcoming Events In August

August 8th
Executive Committee Meeting
(Executive Committee Members Only)
Warford Center

Warford Center

August 10th
General Membership Meeting
Mt. Olive Baptist

August 10th
3rd Quarter State Leadership Conference
Temple, Texas
All Day

For more information see the Event Calendar