Leola Cantly Memorial

Leola‎ Gilliam‎ Cantly,‎ born‎ January‎ 2nd,‎ 1930‎ in‎ Mt.‎ Pleasant,‎ Texas,‎ was‎ a‎ loving‎ and‎ faithful‎ preacher’s‎ wife,‎ mother‎ of‎ seven‎ children,‎ 23‎ grandchildren,‎ 37‎ great‎ grandchildren. She was a‎ ravenous‎ reader‎ of‎ romance‎ novels‎ and‎ had a‎ love‎ for‎ road‎ trips‎ across‎ the‎ USA.‎ ‎ Leola‎ and‎ her‎ husband‎ Nathaniel‎ grew‎ up,‎ graduated‎ from‎ high‎ school‎ and‎ married‎ in‎ Kilgore,‎ Texas‎ and‎ have‎ been‎ married‎ 65‎ years‎ this‎ past‎ May.‎ 
Leola‎ attended‎ Prarie‎ View‎ University‎ majoring‎ in‎ library‎ sciences.‎ After‎ moving‎ to‎ Amarillo‎ Leola‎ was‎ one‎ of‎ the‎ first‎ black‎ nursing‎ students‎ to‎ attend‎ St.‎ Anthony’s‎ Hospital’s‎ LVN‎ nursing‎ program.‎ Leola‎ went‎ on‎ to‎ work‎ for‎ the‎ newly‎ opened‎ High‎ Plains‎ Baptist‎ Hospital,‎ now‎ BSA,‎ and‎ retired‎ after‎ 28‎ years‎ at‎ Shepherd’s‎ Crook‎ Home‎ Health.‎ 
Leola‎ spent‎ tireless‎ hours‎ serving‎ our‎ community‎ providing‎ blood‎ pressure‎ and‎ other‎ health‎ screenings.‎ ‎ 
Leola‎ was‎ a‎ member‎ of‎ North‎ Heights‎ Church‎ of‎ Christ‎ along‎ side‎ her‎ husband‎ for‎ over‎ 50‎ years‎ and‎ a‎ lifetime‎ member‎ of‎ Amarillo‎ Branch‎ of‎ NAACP‎ where‎ she‎ recieved the Branch Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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