Support the Census

At our general meeting this afternoon, Ms. Shadrona Carter of the United States Census Bureau shared information about what could be the most important census of our lifetimes.

Our country holds a census every 10 years to count the population. This count decides everything from federal funding to the number of seats a state will have in the House of Representatives. Accurate census information has been and will continue to be an important part of defending our voice in government and protecting our rights.

You can learn more about the census and what you can do to help protect the accuracy of this key part of our democracy by visiting Do your part to get the word out that EVERYONE needs to respond to the census next year.

Also be aware that scammers may try to claim to be part of the census. Make sure everyone you know is aware that census takers will NEVER ask for Social Security information, bank information, donations of any kind or ask you to join a political party.


The US Census Bureau is looking for applications to serve as census takers. Flexible hours and competitive compensation. Visit: for more information.