North Heights Meeting Thursday

Just a reminder that there will be a North Heights Meeting tomorrow (Thursday, August 22) at the Black Cultural Center, 901 N. Hayden from 6:00PM to 7:30PM

From the flyer:
“Zoe Middleton will discuss community outreach for upcoming rezoning, and the outcome of speaking with Banks for home ownership.”

“We are working together to change the zoning for the benefit of the North Heights Neghborhood!”

For more information please call: (806) 670-2289

This is not an NAACP event, but it’s an important event for anyone with an interest in Amarillo’s future to attend.

Leola Cantly Memorial

Leola‎ Gilliam‎ Cantly,‎ born‎ January‎ 2nd,‎ 1930‎ in‎ Mt.‎ Pleasant,‎ Texas,‎ was‎ a‎ loving‎ and‎ faithful‎ preacher’s‎ wife,‎ mother‎ of‎ seven‎ children,‎ 23‎ grandchildren,‎ 37‎ great‎ grandchildren. She was a‎ ravenous‎ reader‎ of‎ romance‎ novels‎ and‎ had a‎ love‎ for‎ road‎ trips‎ across‎ the‎ USA.‎ ‎ Leola‎ and‎ her‎ husband‎ Nathaniel‎ grew‎ up,‎ graduated‎ from‎ high‎ school‎ and‎ married‎ in‎ Kilgore,‎ Texas‎ and‎ have‎ been‎ married‎ 65‎ years‎ this‎ past‎ May.‎ 
Leola‎ attended‎ Prarie‎ View‎ University‎ majoring‎ in‎ library‎ sciences.‎ After‎ moving‎ to‎ Amarillo‎ Leola‎ was‎ one‎ of‎ the‎ first‎ black‎ nursing‎ students‎ to‎ attend‎ St.‎ Anthony’s‎ Hospital’s‎ LVN‎ nursing‎ program.‎ Leola‎ went‎ on‎ to‎ work‎ for‎ the‎ newly‎ opened‎ High‎ Plains‎ Baptist‎ Hospital,‎ now‎ BSA,‎ and‎ retired‎ after‎ 28‎ years‎ at‎ Shepherd’s‎ Crook‎ Home‎ Health.‎ 
Leola‎ spent‎ tireless‎ hours‎ serving‎ our‎ community‎ providing‎ blood‎ pressure‎ and‎ other‎ health‎ screenings.‎ ‎ 
Leola‎ was‎ a‎ member‎ of‎ North‎ Heights‎ Church‎ of‎ Christ‎ along‎ side‎ her‎ husband‎ for‎ over‎ 50‎ years‎ and‎ a‎ lifetime‎ member‎ of‎ Amarillo‎ Branch‎ of‎ NAACP‎ where‎ she‎ recieved the Branch Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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