Protect Voting Rights in Texas

The Amarillo Branch NAACP vehemently opposes Senate Bill 7, which is currently under committee review in the Texas House of Representatives, because we believe many of the provisions restrict suffrage of American citizens. Rather than strive to build upon the successful voter turnout of the 2020 election cycle during which 66 percent of eligible Texas voters participated, some politicians in Austin, Texas, want to impose restrictive measures which deter voter registration and participation. Preventing mail-in ballot applications from being preemptively sent to eligible citizens and increasing the scrutiny of voters who simply request assistance inside of a polling location are examples of modern-day voter suppression.

Patrick Miller
Amarillo Branch NAACP

Now is the time to contact your state Senator and Representative to make your voice heard and to urge them to protect your voting rights.

You can contact Texas State Senator Kel Seliger Here
You can contact Four Price Here

If you prefer to write, this guide from League of Women Voters provides tips and information.